Reflections from the Anglican1000 Summit

by Canon William Beasley on 03/08/2013 (From:

We sang Alabaré with Chicagoland’s Hispanic/Latino Choir Monday night at the Anglican1000 Summit, and I thought to myself how very different this Anglican Church is from the one I was raised in! Two days later we heard Melvin Tai, a Singaporean priest from Toronto, give an impassioned call to help convert the nations of the world to Christ by reaching out to the many immigrants around us with the good news because they can be the most effective missionaries for their own countries, and I began to realize that the vision for the nations among us in North America is growing. Then when I saw the ACNA bishops embrace African American pastor, Bishop Gregory Bowers, after he had led us in heartfelt worship, tears welled up in my eyes, because I knew that we as a church had truly changed. We will never be the same. These are first fruits of a church committed to reach all peoples in our midst throughout North America, and throughout the world.

It is one thing to think that we are a church that will reach “minorities” and quite another to know that we are all equals before the cross of Jesus Christ. We are all sinners in need of the redemption of Christ. There are no favorites in the Kingdom of God. No matter what our heritage or cultural context, we all stand as equals before the cross and redemption of Christ. We are all the prodigals who find the same loving embrace of our merciful Father when we turn to him.

The church is growing, and in the cities and towns throughout North America, we can potentially reach all peoples in all contexts. Not only has the conversation of our church changed from maintenance to mission, but our mission field is broadening to socio-economic and cultural groups here present in North America. We are moving with God’s heart to reach all peoples with his transforming love.

I am thankful for every one who has stood faithful in the truth of the Gospel to form the Anglican Church in North America, and I am thankful that the mission field is shifting toward the full embrace of our Heavenly Father’s love for all in our midst.


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