Glocal Mission: Connecting the “Here” and the “There”

969585_689234712828_1281648185_nI just returned from a week long trip to Mexico. I traveled with Bp. Frank Lyons to visit two current Anglican congregations and to begin to think and pray towards how we can multiply Anglican congregations there.It is the beginning of a new thing in Mexico! This is a huge country that is yet to be thoroughly evangelized and is ripe for a new Anglican church to be re-birthed there.


After spending some time with a Mexican clergy couple in Aguascalientes, and with Iglesia del Gran Pastor (Planted by Fr. Dorsett of Church of the Great Sheppherd 15 years ago) in Fresnillo, I spent two days in a small “rancho” or rural town called “Las Adjuntas del Refugio.” More than half of my parish in Chicago is from this small town or the immediately surrounding towns. 

We live in an age in which mission is, to use the Lausanne Conference’s words, “from everywhere to everywhere.” Mission is increasingly an intertwined global and local reality. Two days in this little town of less than 50 families was an amazing time of planting seeds for a potential new congregation there. It has also already opened doors for mission back in Chicago where there are more people from this town than actually currently live there.

For some more pictures of the trip click here.

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