Iglesia De La Resurrección

Easter Sunday

Iglesia de La Resurrección meets at 4:30 on Saturday evenings at Christ Community Church (602 E Geneva Rd) in Wheaton, Il.

Iglesia de La Resurrección celebra la Santa Misa a las 4:30pm todos los sabados. La direccion es 602 E Geneva Rd, Wheaton, IL. 

As a church we exist for the sake of the community and we advocate for those whose voice is often not heard. We seek to develop whole families committed to being disciples of Christ and to empower 2nd generation. We are a four streams ministry: word, spirit, sacrament, and social transformation.

Iglesia De La Resurrección was birthed out the relationships formed by a team living intentionally in a multi-ethnic apartment complex which houses many immigrant and refugee families in the western suburbs of Chicago. Beginning by meeting in various apartments in the complex, soon family members from other neighborhoods got involved and we began meeting in a larger and more centrally located worship space.

3 Responses to Iglesia De La Resurrección

  1. Gene Flanery says:

    Dear brothers, (Hermanos)
    I am praying about starting a Hispanic church in Kansas City with the Anglican Mission. Are there Anglican resources in Spanish? BCP?
    Gene Flanery

    • jkindberg says:


      This is exciting. There are many resources! I’ll send you an email. We are planning a North American Hispanic leaders (and Anglican hispanic ministries) gathering August 14 and 15 here in chicago. You should come!

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